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Our Interventions

  • Performance in New Product Development

Altran supported the introduction of a watch movement with a modular structure. This included the development of a simple and reliable architecture which allows for the quick addition of further features due to its standard interfaces.

  • Risk Management

The risk management on a project which involved transferring to a different subcontractor in the watch making industry and then deploying the same methodology for all strategic projects in the company was provided. 

  • Management of Fabrication Flows in Watch Assembly

Analysis of the assembly line was conducted.  Optimization of work stations and launch quantities was achieved.  

  •  Investigation of New Innovative Fabrication Processes

Brain storming meetings were organised and guidance given. A way to monitor technological and supplier changes and evolution was implemented.

  • Automatization of Complex Manual Operational Tasks

Research was provided into solutions involving the best procedures and machines. Suppliers across Europe were evaluated and selected. The definition of feasibility studies were prepared and supervised. Technical specification documents were written according to industry standards.

  • Lean Project at a Machine Manufacturer

Value stream mapping between the main assembly line and that of the suppliers was applied. Significant reduction of assembly time and handling was achieved.

  • Micro-mechanical Design

Design, development and fabrication, simulation of products (packaging and movements) and tools implementation was provided using CAD.