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IT Governance

Altran’s IT Governance Framework


Altran supports CIOs in Making the Right Decisions to transform their IT Organization:

IT Governance group's activities: supporting IT Senior managers in making the right decisions balancing between efficiency and security-sustainability, whilst ensuring alignment with business expectations and innovation.

" IT Governance is “a structure of relationships and processes to direct and control the enterprise, in order to achieve its goals, by adding value, while balancing risk versus return” - The IT Governance Institute.


The CIO’s key challenges, our answers:

  • IT Organization means designing the top structure like corporate governance does to assure business alignment
  • IT Performance deals with the definition, implementation and execution of optimized IT processes & controls supported by trained and coached personnel
  • IT Assurance deals with the  compliance with regulatory rules and with the product quality


 Making the bridge between high level strategy and operational activities, Altran acts with the CIO to build agile and innovative IT.