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Project Management Excellence

Improving project performance, organization maturity and achieve strategic alignment


In order to increase performance, Project Management expertise is a key success factor to support increasing complexity and reach of strategic projects. Project Management is the promise of delivering financial value through successful execution.


Altran Project Management Excellence solution is always tailored to our client’s specific target.

In order to help companies achieve their goals and gain a significant competitive advantage, this solution combines best practices coming from our international community of experts that has been trained to use the best methodologies and Industry specific knowledge.


Customers face several challenges covering all aspects of project management:

  • Definition and translation of the Strategic Vision into measurable components
  • Implementation of effective and efficient PM practices and tools
  • Deployment of PM compliant Organizational Structures
  • Transition strategies between each organizational level (Strategy, Program/Portfolio, Project and Operations)


In addition, project objectives need to be achieved within the constraints of Scope, Value, Quality, and Time. Projects need to address management objectives and need to support shop floor workload.

Companies' need to increase the maturity of their organizations in project management by completing certification programs, both individual (PMI, PRINCE2® , IPMA) and Organizational (OPM3, CMM, ISO, 3PO, etc.)

Project References

Definition & Rolling-Out of a new IT Governance System

Project References

Project Management Office (PMO) Implementation within a telecom consortium