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Campaign management

Offering the right customers the right product at the optimal point in time through the most appropriate sales channel – that is the task of the campaign management.

The use of campaign management solutions creates many advantages for your business, such as a reduction of process times or the improvement of the process quality. Improved analysis capabilities with regard to your target audiences, automated campaign returns, faster and more precise insights into your campaign successes and your ROI. Different channels need to be used, multi-level offers require careful follow-up, and the ever-more detailed profiling of target groups requires extensive knowledge.

The core concern of a campaign management is to cost-effectively support the creation of long-term, profitable customer relationships. The goal here is to combine coordinated and largely automated measures as best as possible with strategic decisions and operative routines.


Solutions in the context of campaign management:

  • Design and implementation of the Data Warehouse
  • Definition, planning and implementation of campaign processes
  • Proof-of-Concept and consultation in the area of the selection of tools
  • Introduction, adaptation and integration of IT systems,  such as CRM systems, data mining tools and campaign management tools

In the realisation of a successful campaign management, we specifically target the individual requirements of the client. We ensure the quality of our services through data cleansing and analysis of the data quality.