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Analytical CRM

Analysing and acquiring customers

Data can only give information about the customer’s needs if it is processed, analysed and put in relation to itself. The Data Warehouse is used for the bundling of all customer-and product-related data from the front and back-office systems. By means of analytical procedure such as Data Mining, differentiated customer profiles can be set up and customer behaviour can be forecast. As a direct result of data mining, a company is able to identify customers who are profitable or who are in danger of being lost, and can introduce the appropriate marketing measures or counter-measures.


Analytical CRM with Altran allows our clients to obtain an optimal added-value from their customer data through reporting frameworks, management and Sales cockpits and integration with the data warehouse.


Our services in the field of strategic CRM & analytical CRM:

  • Design and implementation of CRM measures
  • Definition and development of the customer value for the strategic customer segmentation, for use in the campaign and service area
  • Design and planning of Cross-Selling and Churn measures based on customer value
  • Setting up and calculation of the customer value
  • Creation of typology / customer segmentation
  • Complete analysis of the customer base to determine the customer life cycle
  • Determine the value-driving factors to increase Customer Equity