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Customer Relationship Management

The challenge of customer management

In the final analysis, it is the end users who decide which companies will be successful in unlimited competition. The complete satisfaction of the customers with the products, services and campaigns of a company thereby increasingly develops into a decisive competitive advantage.

Transformation of the processes

For the company, this means a consistent orientation of all processes towards the customer, and the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) stands behind this concept. Departments with direct customer contact, such as Marketing, Sales, Services and the Call Centre, make a particular effort to ensure a continuous improvement of the customer relationships. In doing this, they are above all supported by processes, customer-relevant data and functionalities from the Back Office.

We offer you tailor-made IT solutions and consultation that meet your requirements with regard to the subject of Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Through innovative concepts and strategies, we provide global and local services that are focused on the goal of developing and optimizing the necessary IT systems architecture. Our range of services covers the areas of operative, analytical and collaborative CRM. The use of standard software systems, such as Oracle/Siebel and mySAP CRM, and the development of individual software (J2EE) and application server concepts is thereby always in the foreground.


Customer Value Analysis

Analytical CRM

Operationnal CRM

Campaign Management

Loyalty Programmes