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Database systems

There is hardly any application that can get by without a database nowadays. Databases always form the heart of company-critical systems. Altran specialists have been developing DB applications for customers from industry, commerce, the services sector and the public sector for more than 15 years. We thereby work in all the project phases - analysis, design, implementation, commissioning and real-time operation - with state-of-the-art tools and high quality standards. We find that the central role of the database is not perceived critically enough in many projects. As a result, the corresponding database tuning, as an example, often only becomes an issue in the real-time operation.


For us, the database tuning starts as early as the design phase, and we are therefore able to guarantee optimal response times. We develop data-centered systems with strict standardization, which results in flexible and easily expandable data models within a database that do not permit logically incorrect data. Applications come and go, but you will need your company-critical data to be at the highest quality level for many years. This can only be guaranteed with databases that have been carefully designed and implemented.


During the operation of existing systems, our certified database administrators will support you on issues with regard to tuning, backup & recovery, availability, security, migration and installation. Our tuning experts achieve spectacular results in the case of performance problems, even where no intervention is possible in the respective applications.