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Data Mining

Data Mining is the term used for the detection of recurrent patterns in large quantities of data (databases). These patterns often provide important insights into business data of all kinds, especially with regard to customer behavior.


The importance of Data Mining:

 Data Mining, and the evaluation and analysis that is based on this, are the essential components of a profitable CRM (Customer Relations Management). They provide a differentiated picture with regard to customer value and loyalty. Data Mining forecasts and steers the potential success of measures aimed at customer loyalty, and guarantees effective direct marketing and campaign management. Because the targeting accuracy of campaigns, and thereby the return on investment (ROI), will be considerably increased by the optimisation of data selections.

Our Data Mining solutions are characterised by demonstrably above-average success rates.


We thereby focus on the following services:

  • The determination of cross and up-selling probabilities and potentials
  • The determination of cancellation and termination probabilities
  • Shopping basket analyses and fraud detection
  • Hazard models and Event History Modelling with extreme value calculation