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Market stakes and our solutions

Altran: a key partner for Networks Transformation

One of the key result of the data market explosion, is the need to introduce new network technologies and manage in a smart way the replacement of legacy infrastructure. It implies big transformation on how Telecom providers design, build, and finally operate their networks.

Indeed, it is a must for operators to build: strong, flexible, intelligent, IP-based networks, allowing for converged communication and multimedia services to meet new end-users demand. These new networks must operate at reduced costs while increasing efficiency, and providing outstanding Quality of Experience.

Expertise and scope of activities

The Altran NEX Platform

To better support operators in facing increasing challenges on a fast evolving network infrastructure, Altran has developed the Network EXcellence (NEX) capability, which relies on 3 global competence centers.

NEX gathers world-class expertise, methodologies and solutions to address the stakes of:

·         Network Transformation: Technology advisory and economics to support decision-making process in complex environments

·         Network Factory: Opex optimisation through strong outsourcing and managed services capabilities

·         Network Performance: Cutting-edge tools, expertise and methodologies to get the best performance out of the network and ensure world-class quality of experience.

As a result, the Altran Network EXcellence is covering the entire Network Domains, technologies and project cycles. With more than 900 dedicated network experts, Altran is the #1 independent Network consulting and services player in Europe.

Contact us for more information on NEX: telecoms@remove-this.altran.com