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Altran's added-value

Our positioning

 “Our clients in the Telecoms & Media Industry are confronted with several key major challenges, related to face new market expectations, in particular they need to:

- Transform and modernise their networks to face the data tsunami

- Maintain revenues while containing costs

- Offer mobile and data services with maximum service diversity and best connected solutions

- Differentiate, innovate and manage customer experience.

As a key innovative partner, Altran provides its clients with global solutions in 6 lines of expertise to support all their new challenges:

Mobile & Multimedia services, Information Systems, Connectivity & M2M, Electronics & High Tech, Network Excellence, Business Consulting

Sylvain Allard, Marketing Manager - Telecoms & Media

Altran's added-value

In the Telecom world, Altran makes a difference with:

  • ·         an end-to-end vision of the telecom value chain with a comprehensive approach to product and service lifecycle management
  • ·         over 25 years experience in the telecom industries
  • ·         More than 3'000 High Qualified Engineers