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Our expertise - Telecommunications - Services

Altran Expertise

Altran provides operators in the railway sector with support services related to project, change and revenue management, as well as the implementation of new business processes and operating expertise of its clients' functionalities and products.

As such, the Group was involved in the SNCF's project to implement the paperless railway-ticket.

Altran's contribution involved:

  • Helping to define, elaborate and deploy the offer
  • Analysing and monitoring the impact on business processes and information systems dedicated to ticket inspection
Telecommunications - Services
Telecommunications - Services

Altran also took part in ACCELIO, a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) project, specifically designed for ticket inspectors and particularly important for SNCF’s image. Solutions provided by Altran involved:

  • The choice of equipment and deployment of the system throughout France
  • The interfacing between Accelio’s back-office and the existing train information system
  • Managing the changeover for 10,000 ticket inspectors
  • Implementing revenue management and user-assistance systems, as well as project management

Examples of railway projects

USA - Migration of electronic payment servers for 2 major actors in bank sector

Gallery Emergency Systems (IEG):

Altran developed a communications protocol for Gallery

Emergency Systems, enabling the remote control of systems such as hydraulic, fire/smoke and LFM control.

USA - Migration of electronic payment servers for 2 major actors in bank sector

RBC (Radio Block Centre) for Hi-Speed trains – Design and Implementation:

Within the context of this project, Altran:

  • Took part in the design and configuration of the RBC database for Hi-Speed lines
  • Participated in the design of a simulator of Hi-Speed lines
  • Executed the validation tests for the Euroradio protocol and analysed the relevant logs
  • Performed the SW update of electronic boards and network management