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Our expertise - Safety Assessment

Altran is able to deliver Independent Safety Assessment services in many countries.

Market challenge

  • Develop complex systems safely, while reducing costs and time to market
  • Comply with the required safety and interoperability standards
  • Ensure adequate corporate governance for safety-related system
Safety Assessment
Safety Assessment

Altran pedigree

Altran has extensive experience in providing Safety, Systems and Software Services to Tier 1 suppliers, operators and regulators operating in all segments of the railway industry. The Group has participated in major projects for the railway networks in Europe, Asia and Australia, helping our clients to meet the legal requirements related to railway-system safety assurance.

Altran Praxis is a registered Independent Safety Assessor (ISA), actively providing services to customers worldwide who need to meet the ISA requirements of the CENELEC (European Committee for Electronic Standardisation) railway standards.

In addition, Altran Spain and Altran Italy have solid track records in the field of safety expertise and are thus able to provide Independent Safety Assessment services to their respective markets.

Altran Praxis is a registered European Notified Body (NoBo) certified to assess the interoperability and conformity of complex and novel signalling systems, and has worked with all of the main signalling technologies (both trackside and train borne).

Altran expertise

  • Altran provides solutions ranging from advanced systems and requirements engineering to de-risk delivery of technically complex projects.
  • Altran has extensive experience in delivering safety-critical systems. The fact that our approach provides a demonstration of software safety and functionality during the early stages of product development minimises the need for testing late on in the lifecycle. In addition, acceptance and certification are de-risked by using a progressive assurance approach throughout the development process.
  • Altran safety services include delivery and maintenance of electronic safety cases, safety and approvals management, Independent Safety Assessments (ISA) and Notified Body (NoBo) Certification.
  • Altran provides training in Safety Management for the railway industry. Altran Praxis is the leading provider of Yellow Book safety-management courses, has trained over 5,000 railway engineers worldwide, and is one of the few companies accredited to deliver this type of training at global level.

Examples of railway projects

USA - Migration of electronic payment servers for 2 major actors in bank sector

IC4 Train Project for Danish railway:

 Within the context of this project, Altran carried out:

  • Safety analysis (EN-50129 compliant) for the IC4 train for Danish railway.
  • Systems and logistics activities (FMECA, RCM, LCC) for onboard train subsystems
  • Safety analysis (FTA, Hazard Analysis, OSHA) and Safety Case development (Cenelec EN-50129) for the whole train
  • On-Board train subsystems analysis (FMECA, RCM, LCC)
  • Verification and review of sub suppliers’ analyses, and integration into the train-level analysis
France - Retail Banking Distribution Network

UK - ERTMS trainborne signalling system - Japan

Altran Praxis was appointed as a Notified Body (NoBo) and Independent Safety Assessor (ISA) to:

  • Carry out Safety & Conformity assessment.
  • Obtain certification for the ETCS (European Train Control System) on-board Trainborne system.

Concept, Planning and Requirements Capture stages completed successfully. And Efficient and effective working relationship with the client and the design team based in Japan