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Our expertise - Mechanical parts: Interiors, Car Body Shell

Altran develops mechanical solutions ranging from engineering services to manufacturing services

Market challenge

  • Reduce development cost and time of the manufacturing phase, from engineering-services design to manufacturing services
  • Smooth integration of engineering and manufacturing suppliers
  • Use innovative technologies to improve the quality of services (comfort, acoustics, etc.)
  • Employ innovative R&D solutions to reduce maintenance costs
  • Transfer technology to BRIC countries
Mechanical parts: Interiors, Car Body Shell
Mechanical parts: Interiors, Car Body Shell

Altran pedigree

Mechanical Engineering is a complex solution based on physics and materials science requiring a solid understanding of core concepts including mechanics, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, materials science and energy. In this context, Altran’s team of multi-skilled engineers and technicians develops a variety of railway-specific mechanical solutions for all types of mechanical-services parts, ranging from systems (interior installation and electrical implementation, etc.) to quality services.

Altran expertise

  • Altran implements mechanical systems (design, structures, etc)
  • Altran provides and develops innovative technological solutions to improve quality services (comfort, acoustics, etc.)

Examples of railway projects

Structural, interior, electrical and mechanical systems analysis and design:


Altran performed the following tasks for a hybrid train (combined steam and diesel locomotives):

  • Structural analysis of train body (including wear-and-tear analysis)
  • Interior design (fire insulation, soundproofing, interior design, etc.)
  • Implementation of electrical systems (racks, harnessing, etc)
  • Implementation of mechanical systems (engine-generator, combustible deposit, piping, accessories, etc.)

Acoustic Simulations and sizing of noise barriers:


Altran designed and implemented a numerical analysis model for acoustic simulation and noise-barrier sizing, integrated the numerical model in the client’s CAD / GIS system and is now in charge of model-evolution management

Altran carried out various projects like:

  • Electrical implementation of coach harnessing
  • Technology transfer and outsourcing of electrical schematics design activities for a customer project
  • Manufacturing process and support in many cases