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Our project references

France - Product Innovation


Product Innovation

  • Medical cluster: participation in the design of a patient-centered end-to-end healthcare solution for treatment observance and adherence monitoring

France - Process engineering


Equipment engineering

  • Global pharma company: new building equipment engineering, qualification and validation

Netherlands - R&D Product development


Product development

  • Leading medical device manufacturer: development of a flat detector
Italy - Embedded systems


Embedded systems

  • Global medical device manufacturer: software development for dialysis-machine management
France - Support externalisation and increasing globalisation


Technology and process transfer

  • Medical devices company: production transfer to low-cost countries

Belgium - Quality and compliance


Quality and compliance

  • Global biopharma company: quality system and compliance support for plant modernisation project
France- Regulatory affairs


Regulatory affairs

  • French vaccine company: preparation of regulatory files and monitoring of evaluation procedures with health authorities for 4 franchises over a period of 2.5 years

France - Clinical trials


Clinical trials

  • UK pharmaceutical leader: monitoring of a Temporary Use Authorisation (TUA) unit and optimisation of its management
Germany - Cost optimisation


Cost optimisation

  • German medical devices company: development of a product platform for broad spectrum of medical devices and integration of new joint-venture partners into the platform
Spain - Lean and efficiency management


Lean and efficiency management

  • Leading pharma group: optimisation of several production lines and implementation of LEAN manufacturing philosophy at one of the company’s plants

Switzerland - Regulatory document management


Regulatory document management

  • Swedish biotech company: content management solution for FDA-compliant regulatory information
Italy - Scientific web community


Scientific web community

  • Swiss medical devices company: design of a Web scientific community to facilitate the exchange of information in the scientific world

Sweden - eArchiving



  • Leading pharma group: eArchiving project implementation

Germany and France - Application management

France and Germany

Application management

  • Leading pharma group: Siebel CRM upgrade project and SAP third party application management
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