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Life Sciences & Healthcare stakes

Addressing the major challenges of innovation and efficiency faced by the next generation of healthcare

“The Life Sciences and Healthcare industry is confronted with major challenges. To remain competitive, companies must develop new growth strategies, improve overall efficiency and innovation capacity while complying with tightening regulatory requirements.

 Altran has made a concentrated effort to gain an understanding of the underlying factors that affect our clients' performances and provides tailored solutions to help them address these specific challenges.”

Caren Hochheimer, Marketing Manager - Life Sciences

5 life sciences stakes
Life sciences - Key stakes

R&D Performance

In a sector as competitive and capital-intensive as Life Sciences, R&D optimisation is essential for companies seeking greater reactivity, as well as a greater innovation capacity. Aware of this, Altran has adapted its expertise to meet its clients’ specific needs, providing expertise in the fields of product and services innovation, medical product and process development, and industrialisation and technological transfer. The Group also supports its customers in clinical trials coordination and regulatory affairs and proposes adapted Knowledge and Information Management solutions (R&D portfolio management, scientific collaboration and data management, clinical trials document management, laboratory information systems, etc.) to enhance R&D performance. 

Thanks to Altran’s multi-sector expertise (medical devices, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, etc.) we can support our customers in the creation of integrated solutions to enhance their current product offering.

Operational efficiency and cost reduction

To enhance profitability, our customers must optimise operational efficiency across the entire company in order to cut costs. Altran can help its customers achieve this by delivering adapted enterprise performance and cost-optimisation solutions thanks to our expertise in Lean and efficiency management, enterprise architecture, supply chain and procurement optimisation. Altran also provides solutions for decision support and product lifecycle management, geared to enhance overall performance.

New growth markets

Against a backdrop of rapidly evolving socio-demographic trends, addressing unmet medical needs is a strategic priority for our clients and necessitates constant adaptation in terms of company strategy, organisation and operations.

In addition, the emerging markets offer significant business opportunities, a factor that is causing our customers to reorganise their geographic priorities.

Thanks to Altran’s global expertise, we can support our customers in adapting their organisations and operations to address new markets throughout each stage of the value chain; from the definition of innovative strategies and development of new medical product concepts, through product industrialisation and technology transfer to international regulatory affairs and the optimisation of production and the supply chain, depending on the characteristics of the new markets.

Our services offering also covers support in defining global collaboration strategies and solutions for our clients’ international activities.

Quality excellence

Quality is our main priority. Life Sciences companies today are operating within a regulatory framework that is becoming increasingly tougher and more complex in an ever-evolving geographical environment.

Thanks to our expertise in Quality Assurance and Quality Intelligence, as well as our regulatory content and compliance management solutions, we can provide our customers with services in terms of global regulatory requirement compliance, as well as anticipating and controlling quality across the entire product development cycle.

Healthcare Delivery Optimisation

Healthcare systems face major challenges to guarantee the optimisation of the healthcare offering and the efficiency of patient-centric healthcare pathways while ensuring patient safety. The development of information and communication technologies to enable information sharing throughout the entire healthcare pathway, the transformation of organisations and the coordination of the different players throughout the whole value chain are some major stakes that the sector is facing.

As a specialist in innovation and technology, Altran is at the crossroads of technology and innovation, information systems and strategies. This unique position makes the Group a leading player to support the modernisation of healthcare systems and manage and implement projects related to health information systems, telemedicine, home care, and chronic disease monitoring.