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Financial Services

Altran enables financial services in today’s doubtful market to recapture sustainable growth, transform their information & business technology, and benefit from the Group’s innovative product & service solutions.

"Dear visitor,

Welcome to Altran’s Financial Services webpage in which we present examples of our range of activities and skills in the FSG and Government sectors.

As a major partner and supplier to the sector’s leading players, we collaborate daily with decision makers and project leaders to improve performance, increase reliability and trust, and address transformational and organizational issues focusing on our clients’ businesses and operations.

Our Financial Services approach is largely explained in the following pages, along with features on our organisation, skill sets and offers, as well as our environmental and global aims. 

One of our key assets, which is somewhat more difficult to illustrate here, is the dedication of each Altran employee to problem solving, knowledge acquisition and technical excellence, as well as our ability to work together, on a multi/sector basis, to advance your business.

To discover these and other aspects of what motivates us, contact us!"

Celia Reis, COO of Portugal & Head of FSG Southern Europe
Celia Reis, COO of Portugal & Head of FSG Southern Europe

We understand that our clients need solutions that are simultaneously in-tune with local market requirements and in keeping with best-of-practice standards.

To achieve this result we have set up transnational expertise-specific business clubs giving senior Altran consultants and managers from all of the Group’s Financial Services entities the opportunity to discuss ongoing business challenges, share their experiences and work together to design our business solutions.

This enables collaborators specialised in a given field in one country to share their expertise with foreign colleagues. Because of this, Altran can provide its clients with a diversified, “agile”, value offering.

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