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Energy & Industry

Altran provides engineering, IT and consulting services and solutions at every stage of the energy installation and infrastructure processes for our 300 customers worldwide.


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Welcome to the Energy and Industry webpage which presents examples of our range of activities and skills in the energy sector.

Increasing global demand for energy and the scarcity of fossil fuels coupled with the need for new ecological solutions are posing serious technological and IT challenges; issues that Altran can successfully address thanks to its 15-year track record and a team of 2,500 engineers working throughout the different segments of the energy industry (thermal, wind energy, nuclear, oil & gas, etc).

Thierry Voisin, Executive Director - Energy, Industry and Life Sciences
Thierry Voisin, Executive Director - Energy, Industry and Life Sciences

For our clients in the nuclear industry, for example, we are involved in several ongoing projects to ensure:

- engineering solutions for some of the 200 planned reactors
- maintenance and overhaul of some of the 250 reactors in service
- storage, reprocessing and decommissioning services

In the following pages you will find information about our know-how as well as our references. We hope you enjoy reading about the key aspects of our business and what motivates us. For further details, please contact your local Altran representative.”