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Software Asset Management

Software Asset Management is a very important area. Companies need to ensure that they purchase the correct licenses and use the SW the way they are allowed. 

Usually, companies spend too much money for licenses they don’t need anymore.

On the other side they do not have the required amount or type of licenses, or implemented software in the correct way they are allowed to.

This massively improves the money they have to pay for Audit penalties

Software Asset Management (SAM)

Having purchased the correct software licenses and using them in the negotiated environment is a very important process.

Costs associated with software are one of the major cost drivers and therefore also contain a high potential for savings.

On the other side, incorrect software licensing endangers the company in audits.

Are you managing this efficiently?

Ensuring that the amount and type of purchased software licenses rely to the deployments and their usage is a very important factor to be software compliant and therefore reduce the risk when getting into an Audit.

Can you support your answers with reliable and justifiable data? Most companies cannot. Investments in best practice SAM processes, an organisation customised to your needs, backed up with an appropriate tool landscape will deliver all information to base your decisions on conviction and trust. 

Software Asset Management is a very important area to reach the best situation for software spend. Due to the amount of different and complex licenses it can be difficult to ensure that the amount of spent money is not too high or dangerously too low.With optimised Software Asset Management (SAM), companies are able to compare purchased licenses with deployed and used software to optimise their license spend.

Hence, they no longer pay for unused licenses, nor will they buy software they already own. Additionally, a central SAM function gives organisations a reliable and adequate status on their worldwide license situation, improving bargaining power towards software publishers. 

In addition, being under-licensed might lead to worse situations. Companies expose themselves to high risks from a financial, legal and reputational perspective by not having a clear picture of their software usage and licensing situation.

With Software vendors increasingly requesting license audits to offset declining sales, enterprises face the thread of paying unforeseen true up costs and high penalties.

Organisations simply cannot afford to be either over- or under-licensed as this results in unnecessary spend or financial exposure. 

Besides this, there are more reasons for investing in SAM. Legal requirements and Sarbanes Oxley compliance guidelines demand reliable, true and verifiable financial information. Software Asset Management must be an integral process to fulfil these obligations. 

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