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IMPA Innovation Management Platform

The Challenge

Overcoming the fuzziness of the Innovation process.

Fuzzy- Front End of Innovation, or pre-project phase is where organizations generate a concept of a product or business opportunity to be developed and decide whether or not to invest resources in its further development

While most organizations have well – defined and structured process for project management and industrialization, the front-end of innovation usually lacks structure and may even be chaotic.

However this is where major commitments are made involving resources, time and money, setting the course for the entire project development and it cannot be left to chance.

Our Solution IMPA (Innovation Management Platform)

Structuring the Innovation Process

The Innovation Management Platform (IMPA) applies a structure to the innovation process to create, capture, and develop ideas through well-defined workflows.
Initial raw ideas are captured quickly in easy to use web forms then developed through defined stages with specific milestones. Ideas are systematically developed and promoted to higher levels until they are ready for selection as projects and transferred to the organisation’s product development process.



IMPA Features

Providing tools to foster Innovation

A powerful feature is the inclusion of feedback loops. Ideas initially assessed as not ready are periodically reviewed for changes in technology, market conditions or other factors that may enable their realization. Grouping knowledge (ideas, problems,solutions and information) allows matching identified problems or innovation challenges with proposed solutions and technology watch information.



IMPA is the state-of-the-art tool for boosting your innovation performance

IMPA is a Web-2 collaborative workflow-based Innovation management application developed by Altran together with FP7 consortium partners EADS Innovation Works, Carl-Zeiss-Optronics GmbH and Micos, founded on principles of systematic innovation, model-based idea generation, and the best practices in innovation management.

IMPA covers your needs :

The need for a tool to capture, structure and quickly share innovation using the most user-friendly  tools:

• To stimulate the development of breakthrough technologies and concepts enabling step changes in aviation
• Web-based, uses well defined workflows to capture, mature and  assess ideas
• Enables  development &  selection of the highest-potential ideas to launch as projects
• Includes  a Technology Watch Function  to support  the idea development process.


With IMPA you will be able :
• Apply a structured workflow to the innovation process
• Collaborate   with employees, partners,  customers ,  through web-based platform
• Create, capture, develop and select  ideas
• Enhance  & monitor innovation performance

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