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IMPA Benefits and Delivery Models

Benefits of the IMPA Innovation Management Platform

• Process-based approach provides a structured way to reduce in development costs and “time-to market”

• Promote breakthrough innovation using a structured and systematic approach to problem solving and idea generation including innovation guidelines with integrated step change creativity techniques

• Share, enhance and develop ideas collaboratively and with multifunctional expert support, which are aligned with the organisation’s overall innovation strategy for optimal fit..

• Identify innovation challenges, problems and elicit solutions, matching solutions to problems with categorization and search features.

• Goal-oriented search for breakthroughs based on integrated system engineering & functional analysis

• Improve visibility of the front-end of innovation. Apply quantitative KPIs to the innovation process.

• Break through organisational silos with a web 2.0 collaborative approach for sharing work, enabling the development of ideas and the solving of complex problems

• Formalize assessment and milestone reviews (gateways), remove assessment bias while maintaining open and informal feedback channels within the teams.

• Include Business Components in risk and cost assessments, make your strategic selection based on quantifiable criteria.

• Capture early stage IP relevant information: record the development history of ideas from raw ideas to the launch of  fully developed concepts as projects for use in Intellectual Property logs.

IMPA Delivery options

1. SaaS Option

Benefits of SaaS Model

Save time – By having Altran hosting the IMPA platform, your solution will be up and running in a shorter time period, enabling our customers to realize the value of their innovation management platform sooner.

Minimize business disruption – Altran’s staff handles the implementation process, allowing our customers and their employees to focus on other business opportunities.

Altran knowledge and expertise – Altran’s customer support and data center staff work together seamlessly to resolve issues. We take responsibility for resolving all system-related problems.

Save money – When our customers choose a hosted solution, they do not purchase any server hardware or server software. No personnel costs are incurred in learning how to maintain, monitor and troubleshoot, or care for the network infrastructure. This minimizes our customers’ risk and provides a faster return on their investment.

Trustworthy data security – Our customers can be confident that their data are protected by industry-leading security technology that ensures the highest levels of data integrity. Within our secure data center we have multiple layers of security that protect the privacy of our customers’ data. Additionally, our customers’ intellectual property is protected through our continuous monitoring and maintenance procedures/policies.

Maximize performance – Altran’s runs our IMPA platform from a state-of-the-art facility that meets or exceeds the most stringent customer requirements, including financial institutions, pharmaceuticals, and government agencies. Our customers can be certain that their installation has superior throughput and reliability.



2. Installation On-Site / Premises

The software is installed at the client’s site using the client’s own IT infrastructure.

Altran delivers IMPA Software Package with installation scripts and installation guidelines that can be tailored by the client to accomplish the deployment on-site. Altran shall assist with the installation at a site designated by client.

Solution requirements

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