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Nearshore is a topic that is increasingly being heard in the corporate world, which can be explained as the transfer of business processes and projects to companies of nearby countries. The basics of this approach are the common place of delivery, the reusability, the standardised processes and certifications, and the development of a continuous improvement plan.


Portugal, due to its strategic location, is one of the largest centres of nearshore in Europe.

Comparatively with the rest of Europe, Portugal has extremely competitive conditions, and therefore, it is a good choice to allocate certain projects, such as:


 - Improved response time (time-to-market)

 - Cost reduction

 - Greater flexibility in the management of capacity

 - Uniformed services

 - Linguistic abilities

 - European vicinity


Altran Portugal is the competence centre for the nearshore information systems of the Group.

The objectives of this European Nearshore platform undergo to serve the national and international market.


Altran Portugal is able to provide a service of high quality in order to ensure a successful project. Our approach is mature, but at the same time flexible. We will develop the best operational model always according to clients’ requirements; this flexibility is the key to the success of the nearshore approach. Our clients can rely on a fully devoted, competent and very empathic team.


Our project references

Project “HR4U” - Media industry

Objectives: Technical support, maintenance and evolution to the HR management application.

Results: Roll-out of the application to different countries; worldwide access to all the data regarding employees through one single tool; performance optimisation, improved management processes and associated documents.


Project « Multitecno » - Telecom

Objectives: Ensure evolution of the provisioning system.

Results:  Evolution of the Provisioning System for the landline offer; more satisfied clients with the landline offer; implementing new functionalities according to the client’s needs increasing and improving the offer.


Project « IMPA » - project funded by the European Committee with partners such as: EADS Innovation Works, Zeiss Optronics, & Micos

Objectives: Create a web product for innovation management; create a tool that allows exchange of ideas, their selection and evolution.

Results: Initial raw ideas are captured quickly in easy to use web forms then developed through defined stages with specific milestones. Ideas are systematically developed and promoted to higher levels until they are ready for selection as projects and transferred to the organisation’s   development process.


Automotive Diagnostic Project 

Objectives: Level 2 Technical Support to the machine that detects malfunctions and diagnoses the cars of this major automotive company, used in all their garages.

Results : Improvement and Configuration of the diagnostic tool; More satisfied client due to quicker and more efficient response; Real time report of vehicle malfunctions; Direct programming of vehicle ECU if necessary; transfer of solutions to level 1 support.





Altran experts focus

Luis Monteiro, Business Manager responsible for nearshore projects at Altran Portugal
Luis Monteiro, Business Manager responsible for nearshore projects at Altran Portugal