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Our practice stakeholders

The components of our offer have been compiled in modules named « bricks ». This allows our clients to set up a real strategy of Agile transformation, based on 3 axes:

-Various solutions of training for organizational and operational teams
-The set-up of a framework of practices, tools and documents with contractual consequences
- The boosting of the stakeholders’ knowledge through focused progressive and adapted coaching operations

Global View of our Coaching on Demand offer



Each brick of our offer is detailed in a brick's catalogue : Example of a brick description



Example of brick's positionning into Scrum's and DevOps's lifecycle

For our clients wishing to set up Agility within their company, the absolute advantage of our « Agile Opportunity Study » will allow us to make a diagnostic which will highlight the following points:

-The identification of obstacles, waste and accelerators related to the quality of the services
-The consideration of its cultural footprint and of its level of complexity
-The creation of a study report in the form agile transition over time including: the various identified statements and suggested recommendation, a risk analysis and the consideration of various metrics regarding return on investment.