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Training and Mobility

We operate alongside our clients wherever they are...
Learning is an ongoing feature that is key to the Altran experience...

The Altran mobility program

We operate alongside our clients wherever they are set up and wherever their projects take them. International mobility is a gateway to personal and professional advancement for Altran’s employees who can benefit from a dedicated support and follow-up system set up within the Group. The number and diversity of our regional sites offer a wide range of countries to choose from, allowing everyone to satisfy their professional and personal objectives. Altran’s in-house mobility program, Mov’Altran, is designed to give Group employees access to mobility and career-enhancement opportunities.

Long-term commitment

The creation of Mov’ Altran has provided the Group with an effective interactive platform ensuring a link between operational staff and the HR contacts in each company; the mobility project-managers that provide the first point of contact for our collaborators planning to move.

Meeting mobility challenges

Professional and/or regional mobility is a major challenge for Altran with respect to the Group’s expansion and growth. In order to achieve this, Altran has adopted a strategy focusing on five specific areas:

  • encouraging and facilitating staff mobility within the Group. In this respect, Altran’s European presence, as well as its expansion in Asia, the Americas and in Eastern European countries provide considerable opportunities for members of our staff to further their careers,

  • optimising and streamlining the acquisition and development of in-house skills in Altran companies worldwide,

  • supporting Altran’s development strategies in order to anticipate and meet client needs,

  • promoting the cross-fertilisation of expertise throughout Altran’s teams of consultants and business engineers,

  • identifying and acknowledging the value of exceptional skills: highly in demand, this kind of expertise is a source of growth both for Altran and our clients.

Facilitating mobility

Our job offers are regularly updated and may be consulted by all staff members on the Altran website. The Group’s mobility and HR teams guide collaborators in their mobility projects and offer support in terms of immigration, social security, tax and safety issues in the destination country.

The success of mobility projects mainly depends on the implication, transparency, responsibility and professionalism of those involved (collaborators, managerial staff, human resource contacts, etc.).