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Facts & Figures

Our approach is hands-on

Altran is a recognized partner, reliable in terms of bringing ideas and projects to life, providing tangible solutions to the most complex challenges of its clients and optimizing their performance through technology and innovation. An attentive ear and a close interaction with the client teams constitute the basis to this collaboration with high added-value. Before closing any project, our consultants ensure the client teams can safely proceed with good management practices in their future business activities.

5 main industries

More than 150 major clients

Top 10 clients in Telecom & Media, Life Sciences, Energy and Financial Services

Present in Switzerland in 1993

Locations: Lausanne, Geneva, Zurich, Basel.

220 Engineers

2015 revenue: CHF 34 million

Our consultants are multi-specialized

Altran’s consultants are each expert in a specific field and also have world-class technical skills and global knowledge of the sector in which they operate. They can manage projects from strategy to implementation, never losing sight of typically operational demands in order to define more effective processes and inversely, never forgetting the global picture when reviewing specific steps in the production cycle.

Our interventions are flexible

Altran operates at all points in its clients’ management cycles of innovation and production: from Research and Development; and improvements in organization, production, and procurement; to Market Analysis and the Management of Projects and Information Systems. One word remains key throughout: performance.

Our network is international

Altran can ensure its clientele the expertise and steadfastness of an international group in continuous organic growth. Diversity of competences and awareness of market developments enable it to easily review projects at both the levels of methods employed and of profiles attributed.

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